ECNL Boys Program

PBG Predators Soccer Board has been working overtime to bring the Boys Elite Club National League (ECNL) to Palm Beach Gardens.  The ECNL is one of only two national leagues in the United States - It is the flagship league for club soccer on the national scale.  This power-house league will allow the best-of-the-best of our boys to complete against the best players in the upper echelon clubs across the United States.  This is especially important for our older players who are going to want to attract the attention of scouts and college recruiters.  

The ECNL has the best players which will be showcased in the most important national tournaments; hence it is recognized by college scouts and recruiters as the most fertile ground for recruitment.  The best leagues attract the best coaches and coaching methods.  The best coaches attract the best players.  This cycle of excellence has been evolving in the ECNL culture for 10 years, since its inception in 2009. 

PBG Predators Soccer Club has entered into a strategic partnership with Palm Beach United (PB United), in order to provide our players access to the ECNL (The PBG Predators/PB United Alliance) — There are only two ECNL league clubs in South Florida, one in Palm Beach County (which is us), the other is in Broward County.  The PBG Predators/PB United Alliance expects to attract players from surrounding Broward, Martin and Indian River counties.  

There is no better path for elite players to receive the highest quality coaching, and to showcase their talent at the nation’s most prestigious tournaments nationwide — and this opportunity exists only with the PBG Predators/PB United Alliance servicing Palm Beach and surrounding counties. Addtionally ECNL allows players to play High School soccer & other sports, which is a major advantage for players wishing to represent their schools.

ID Tryouts for the 2019-2010 Boys Elite Clubs National League will be held starting April 29 to May 3, 2019.  Please refer to the below banner for the tryout schedule and location.

Boys’ teams will range from U13 to U18/19.  

The age groups are as follows:

  • U13 Boys = 2007 birth year
  • U14 Boys = 2006 birth year
  • U15 Boys = 2005 birth year
  • U16 Boys = 2004 birth year
  • U17 Boys = 2003 birth year
  • U18/19 Boys = 2001-2002 birth year

For more information about what ECNL is and what clubs compete in the league, please visit

For Registration please go to:

PBG Predators / PB United Alliance
ECNL Boys Program


PBG Predators Soccer Club

Devoted to serving our Children and the Community

ECNL Boys Pricing

$2,150 Per Player
Payment Plan options are listed below;
Payment Plan 1
Payment Plan 2
  • $1,000 due by June 1st
  • $700 due by August 1st
  • $450 due by November 1st
Payment Plan 3
  • $500 due by June 1st
  • $350 due by July 1st
  • $350 due by August 1st
  • $350 due by September 1st
  • $300 due by October 1st
  • $300 due by November 1st
Donation Covers The Following
  • All Referee Fees
  • Field Maintenance
  • Select Game Filming
  • Athletic Trainer
  • ECNL Fee’s
  • Player Registration
  • Showcase Registration Fee’s
Payment DOES NOT Cover The Following;
  • Bus Trips – Trips will be billed out monthly  
  • Air Fares to Out of State Showcases – Billed out as needed
  • Uniform/Training Kit


Try-Out Details