Pride • Performance • Positive Coaching


Our vision and philosophy will drive our soccer program forward and we will continue to provide the very best environment for your child to play and compete. Through professional coaching, a pride and performance from the player and a positive environment from our coaching staff, every player will hope to exceed on and off the field.



Take pride in our club, where we have come from and where we are going! Standing tall with over 31 competitive teams, we are now a wonderful, successful soccer club. This year we will continue to grow and develop the best talent in an environment that is positive and competitive.

The performance of our players and coaches exceeds the competition. We have the best coaching staff, dedicated to developing the players, managed by our Director of Coaching. We will perform better than ever club surrounding us off the field with structured curriculums and integrity to develop every player and provide every family with honest information.


The learning environment at our club is structured now to develop every player in a positive, learning environment. Positive coaching will be the backbone of our club and will be the focus to how we educate and inspire your child on and off the field.



The following information is to help players and parents understand the process regarding try-outs, assessment and selection for the Predators competitive soccer organization.  All players will be assessed on the following three standards. 

Talent with and without the ball.  A player must possess individual skills and the potential and desire to improve.  Talent is one factor that contributes to the success of an individual player and players must show hard work, energy and effort to gain placement in the Club.  All players must possess intelligence for the game and an interest to listen and learn. 

The player and family is committing to the long-term success of the player for the whole year.  This commitment represents both player and parent with full-time attendance to all training sessions, games and travel.  With this commitment, you will see a significant growth in the player’s ability.

Players must be willing to work with our professional trainers within a team and an individual setting.  This willingness will help the player improve and realize long-term success for the player and the team.  A willingness to learn, adapt and grow in multiple roles on and off the field will allow for the player to achieve their soccer potential.  Players must respect the club, the coach and fellow teammates in order to succeed. 

Parents want feedback
All our training staff will be completing individual player evaluations and feedback. All of the evaluations will be online and will be emailed directly to the family's email. We strongly believe in feedback for parents and players and we have partnered with Zoom Reports to provide this.  will show you an example to what you will receive this spring and at the end of the season. This will be a huge part of our program moving forward.



Mission Statement

Mission Statement