We will be changing our goal keeper training program for the 2018-2019 season and making some significant changes and improvements. 

For next season we will have 3 Goal Keeper (GK) coaches on staff that will work multiple GK sessions during the week and also attend games on the weekends to work with GK players.  We will have GK training every weeknight and field specific for 7v7 (2010-09), 9v9 (08-07) and 11v11 (spilt into 06-05-04 and 03–02-01).

  • Coach Vinnie Cainth
  • Coach Mark Dawson
  • Coach Whitney Brydge

We feel we needed to make a huge improvement to offer better training and a better opportunity for all players to not conflict with regular team training & offer players more training. We are excited to make this change and feel all 4 coaches are exceptional in instructing in clinics but in competitive games as well.



Age Group Focus 

Ages 6-8; Foundation 

  • Introduction to Handling Technique 
  • Introduction To Footwork Technique 
  • Introduction To Basic Distribution
  • Introduction To Decision Making 

Ages 9-12; Intermediate 

  • Refining Handling and Footwork Technique 
  • Advanced Distribution Technique
  • Continued Decision Making Development
  • Introduction To Game-Like Scenario’s

Ages 12-18; Advanced 

  • Game-Based Focus 
  • High Decision Making Focus 
  • Reading and Anticipation Of The Game 


GK Philosophy 

The PBG Predators Goalkeeping Academy is committed to providing the best possible opportunity to help goalkeepers of all ages and abilities grow and learn in a positive and productive environment. The goalkeeper position is forever changing, and we are committed to continue to help our goalkeepers grow and improve each session to meet the modern demands of the position through effective, structured and well-delivered sessions.

What We Expect: 

  • Come ready to learn.
  • Hold yourself to high standards.
  • Hard work and commitment. 
  • Have fun.