Coaching Assignments

Coaching Assignments 2021-2022 Season

Parents and players,

We are very excited to announce our 2021-2022 coaching staff. 

In total we now have 40 professional coaches with every coaching staff a member with US Soccer coaching licenses, which we value highly. We boast A-License (2). B-License (8). C-License (14). D-License (10). E-License (6). This is really impressive and shows our commitment to coach education as much as player development.


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⚽️​ Boys ECNL Director - Coach Eric Arbuzow

⚽️​ Boys Technical Director - Coach Levo Guler

⚽️ U9 - U12 Boys Director - Coach Kris Steeves


Team Coaching Staff
PBU ECNL U18 Juan Gonzalez & Alex Eden
PBU ECNL U17 Levent Guler & Chris Lewen
PBU ECNL U16 Levent Guler & Rodrigo Suarez
PBU ECNL U15 Juan Gonzalez
PBU ECNL U14 Levent Guler
PBU ECNL U13 Alex Eden
PBU ECNL-R U18 Ty Brewer
PBU ECNL-R U17 Chris Lewen
PBU ECNL-R U16 Craig Mooney
PBU ECNL-R U15 Julian Andrade
PBU ECNL-R U14 Lee Clark
PBU ECNL-R U13 Ty Brewer
05 Boys Elite Airom Medeiros
06 Boys Elite Rudy Medina
07 Boys Elite EJ Raftey
08 Boys Elite Jonathan Hernandez
09 Boys Elite Baha Basaran
09 Boys Premier Airom Medeiros
10 Boys Elite EJ Raftey
10 Boys Premier Craig Mooney
10 Boys Select Greg Nimchan & Rudy Medina
11 Boys Elite Stephen Arbuzow
11 Boys Premier Baha Basaran
11 Boys Select Gustavo Betzer & Jonathan Hernandez
12 Boys Elite Mark Bowes
12 Boys Premier Ben O'Donnell
12 Boys Select Brandon Van Cleave & Airom Medeiros
13 Boys Elite Lee Clark
13 Boys Premier Ben O'Donnell
2014 Academy Lee Clark
2014 Academy Gustavo Betzer


⚽️​ Girls Director - Coach Steve Burgess

⚽️​ Girls Technical Director - Coach Tim Miller 

⚽️ U9 - U12 Girls Director - Coach Paul Gregory


Team Coaching Staff
GA 03/04G Steve Burgess
GA 05G Steve Burgess
Assistant Hillary Carney
GA 06G Rodrigo Suarez
GA 07G Rodrigo Suarez
Assistant Taryn Pardoe
GA 08G Amy Vaughan
GA 09G Amy Vaughan
Assistant Brandon Van Cleave
DPL 03/04G Tim Miller
DPL 05G Jamie Richards
DPL 06G Ilan Sinelnikov
DPL 07G Tim Miller
DPL 08G Ilan Sinelnikov
DPL 09G Riffin Kajangu
Assistant Taryn Pardoe
06 Girls Premier Ilan Sinelnikov & Taryn Pardoe
07 Girls Premier Riffin Kajangu
08 Girls Premier Jamie Richards
09 Girls Premier Melissa Vitagliano
10 Girls Elite Melissa Vitagliano & Hillary Carney
10 Girls Premier Paul Gregory
11 Girls Elite Hillary Carney & Melissa Vitagliano
11 Girls Premier Whitney Brydge
12 Girls Elite Taryn Pardoe
12 Girls Premier Paul Gregory
2013 Academy Paul Gregory
2013 Academy Melissa Vitagliano